Elevate Your Mocktail Game with Levity Cannabis Spirit: The Ultimate Guide to Delta 9 THC Beverages

Elevate Your Mocktail Game with Levity Cannabis Spirit: The Ultimate Guide to Delta 9 THC Beverages

Elevate Your Mocktail Game with Levity Cannabis Spirit: The Ultimate Guide to Delta 9 THC Beverages

     In a world where health-conscious choices meet the desire for a unique and enjoyable beverage experience, Levity Cannabis Spirit emerges as a pioneer in the realm of functional non-alcoholic drinks. This article explores the innovative offerings of Levity Cannabis Spirit, focusing on their premium Delta 9 THC beverages that redefine the concept of mocktails.


Agave High Water non-alcoholic functional spirit mini bottle next to mixed drink


 What is a Hemp Spirit?


     A hemp spirit is a non-alcoholic functional spirit that incorporates cannabinoids derived from hemp, whether it be CBD, CBG, THC, or any other derivative of the hemp plant. These spirits can be functional in that they provide the consumer with an effect from the cannabinoid included in the spirit, like THC.


     Unlocking the Potential of Functional Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: Levity Cannabis Spirit has created a buzz in the beverage industry by introducing a range of cannabis spirits designed to replace alcohol in cocktail recipes. Their commitment to quality and innovation shines through in three distinct offerings: Agave High Water, London High, and Mellow Mash. Each cannabis spirit provides a unique flavor profile, allowing enthusiasts to craft a variety of sophisticated and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails.


So, is it a weed liquor?


Well, kind of. The cannabis spirits made by Levity Cannabis Spirit, are made with derivatives from hemp, which has less than 0.3% THC. The products we make are compliant with the US Farm Bill. Each can of our pre-mixed cannabis cocktails contains 4 mg of THC and each fluid ounce of our functional non-alcoholic spirits contains 2 mg of THC per fluid ounce.


Levity Cannabis Spirit lineup of non-alcoholic functional THC spirits


How To Find The Best THC-Infused Beverages for You


      There is no single best THC drinks available for every taste and the one which is best for you is determined by your needs. These are the key points to narrowing down your choices to the most suitable starting point for you.


     Delta 9 THC Drinks for Every Occasion: Levity Cannabis Spirit goes beyond traditional cannabis-infused beverages with their ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails. These pre-mixed delights feature Delta 9 THC, bringing a new dimension to classic cocktails. Indulge in the Cannarita, a cannabis-infused twist on the classic Margarita, or savor the KenTOKEy Mule and Chronic Collins for a delightful journey of flavors. Levity's commitment to crafting premium beverages shines through in every sip.



     Versatility Unleashed: The versatility of Levity Cannabis Spirit's cannabis spirits opens up a world of possibilities for mixologists and home bartenders alike. With these cannabis spirits, you can seamlessly substitute traditional alcohol in any cocktail recipe, transforming it into a functional and sophisticated non-alcoholic delight. Elevate your mixology skills and create unique, health-conscious beverages that cater to every palate.



Exploring Levity's Delta 9 THC Beverage Range:


Agave High Water: A refreshing blend with hints of agave, this cannabis spirit brings a crisp and clean profile to your non-alcoholic cocktails.


London High: Embrace the sophistication of this cannabis spirit, delivering a blend of botanicals that mirror the classic London Dry Gin, minus the alcohol content.


Mellow Mash: Rich and smooth, Mellow Mash offers a delightful alternative to traditional whiskey, allowing you to savor the warmth of a whiskey-inspired beverage without the alcohol.


     Levity Cannabis Spirit is at the forefront of the functional beverage revolution, offering a premium range of Delta 9 THC-infused cannabis spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails. Whether you're a mixology enthusiast or someone seeking a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails, Levity's offerings provide endless possibilities. Elevate your mocktail game with Levity Cannabis Spirit and savor the taste of innovation in every sip.

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