Elevate Your Senses with Top THC Spirit for Every Connoisseur

Elevate Your Senses with Top THC Spirit for Every Connoisseur

Elevate Your Senses with Top THC Spirit for Every Connoisseur


Essence of Elation - The Finest THC Spirits Selection


  • Levity Cannabis Spirit is known as the world's first hemp-derived Delta 9 THC-infused, non-alcoholic spirit, marking it as an innovative entry in the market of THC spirits.


  • Levity offers a non-alcoholic beverage infused with hemp-derived Delta 9 THC that provides social drinking experiences without hangovers and effects that can be felt quickly within 5-10 minutes thanks to its patented absorption technology.


  • Each serving of Levity contains 2 mg of Delta 9 THC and is crafted to be suitable for health-conscious consumers with its low sugar and calorie profile and compliance with federal legal standards of THC content.


  • The products maintain the versatility of traditional spirits, allowing for a diverse range of cocktail creations and are offered in both a standard spirit form and per-ounce serving size, appealing to different tolerance levels.


  • Levity Cannabis Spirit's range includes Delta-9 THC Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Pre-Mixed Cannabis Cocktails as well as unique offerings such as the smoother and more refreshing Agave High Water, catering to various taste preferences.



Best for the Classic Cocktail Lover: KenTOKEy Mule


  • The KenTOKEy Mule offers a modern twist on the classic Moscow Mule, skillfully blending ginger beer, Kentucky bourbon (non-alcoholic essence), lime, and mint flavors for a refreshing cocktail alternative.


  • While faithful to the traditional mule flavor, the KenTOKEy Mule incorporates THC to provide a mild, pleasant buzz, contributing to the experience but not overpowering it.


  • As a contemporary variation of the classic cocktail, the KenTOKEy Mule maintains the essence of the Moscow Mule with an additional cannabis note, making it an innovative option for connoisseurs.



Best for the Margarita Aficionado: Cannarita


  • The Cannarita by Novel Beverage Co. successfully captures the classic taste of a margarita using watermelon flavoring, combined with a cannabis infusion for an added dimension.


  • The sweetness from the cane sugar in Cannarita effectively masks the flavor of cannabis, providing an extremely palatable and enjoyable drink.


  • With 4mg of THC per can, Cannarita offers a calming effect while keeping consumers clear-headed, emulating a relaxing experience akin to traditional alcoholic beverages, minus the alcohol.


  • Cannarita boasts a well-executed margarita flavor



Best for a Refreshing Summer Day: Chronic Collins


  • The Chronic Collins is a pre-mixed cannabis cocktail that comes in a 12 oz can, featuring a refreshing lemony flavor and a sparkling effervescence reminiscent of the classic Tom Collins cocktail.


  • By being alcohol-free, the Chronic Collins allows individuals to enjoy the relaxing effects of THC without the alcohol consumption, fitting for those who prefer or are required to avoid alcohol.


  • On a scorching summer afternoon, the light and crisp nature of the Chronic Collins, complemented by its THC content, offers an invigorating and relaxing refreshment suitable for hot weather.



Best for the Exotic Taste Explorer: Agave High Water


  • Agave High Water by Levity Cannabis Spirit is a non-alcoholic spirit that emulates tequila and incorporates full-spectrum hemp extract; it is unique as the world's first hemp-derived Delta 9 THC non-alcoholic spirit, and aimed at elevating the sensory experience.


  • The flavor profile of Agave High Water includes citrus and agave notes, aimed at providing a smooth experience that isn't overly sweet, and a meticulous infusion process captures the essence of a smooth and refined flavor profile with a hint of sweetness from the agave.


  • Designed for versatility, Agave High Water can be sipped neat, on the rocks, or used in innovative cocktail creations, allowing for varied methods of enjoyment.


  • The sophisticated blend of earthy cannabis notes with the smooth sweetness of agave creates a harmonious and complex taste in Agave High Water, appealing to connoisseurs with a penchant for exotic flavors.


Best for Whiskey Enthusiasts: Mellow Mash


  • Mellow Mash mimics the taste of bourbon whiskey with natural flavors and notes of oak smoke, offering a rich flavor for whiskey enthusiasts.


  • With 2mg of THC per fluid ounce, alongside a blend of 1mg each of CBD and CBG, Mellow Mash provides a balanced effect and a complex flavor profile to enhance the drinking experience.


  • Being part of the non-alcoholic THC spirit category, Mellow Mash delivers the effects of THC without the hangover associated with traditional alcoholic spirits.


  • The proprietary patented lipid solubility technology used in Mellow Mash contributes to a unique texture and mouthfeel, setting it apart from other non-alcoholic beverages.


Best for the Gin Connoisseur: London High


  • London High offers herbal and botanical notes reminiscent of traditional gin which can appeal to gin connoisseurs.


  • London High may lack the complexity of traditional gin nuances, which could be a downside for some connoisseurs.


  • As a sophisticated nod to gin's herbal origins, London High impresses with the addition of THC that brings a modern touch to the experience.


Mellow Mash and London High non-alcoholic functional cannabis spirits made by Levity Cannabis Spirits.


Crafting Your THC Experience - A Connoisseur's Buying Guide


  • THC dosages in non-alcoholic spirits can span a broad range, from a mild 2 mg up to a potent 100 mg per serving, guiding consumer selection based on experience and desired intensity.


  • For novice THC users, starting with beverages containing a low dose of 2-4 mg THC per 8-12 ounces is advisable to ease into the experience and gauge individual reaction.


  • Careful consideration of serving size is important as products may feature varying THC concentrations, and serving sizes on labels are key to enjoying a safe and pleasant experience.


  • THC-infused non-alcoholic spirits like Levity Cannabis Spirit's London High offer an array of flavor experiences closely resembling those of their alcoholic counterparts and showcase the influence of terpenes like juniper and anise.


  • An expansive range of flavor profiles, including sweet, fruity, floral, and earthy notes, is present in THC products, catering to diverse taste preferences.


  • Terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene enhance the distinctive bouquets of different cannabis strains, influencing both therapeutic benefits and sensory enjoyment.


  • Product quality is paramount to achieving an exceptional THC-infused beverage experience, as assured by Levity's rigorous testing for purity and consistency.


  • Water-soluble THC formulations found in infused beverages can provide an expedited onset of effects, ranging from 8 to 15 minutes, allowing for quicker engagement as compared to traditional edible forms. 


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