THC Drinks Reach New High? A Candid Look at the Buzz on THC Drink Options

THC Drinks Reach New High? A Candid Look at the Buzz on THC Drink Options

THC Drinks Reach New High? A Candid Look at the Buzz on THC Drink Options


     What exactly are THC drinks and how do they fit into your lifestyle? In this crisp exploration, we cut straight to the chase on the rise of THC-infused beverages, examining their effects, variety, and the allure of swaying from traditional joints and edibles. Join us as we sip through the facts, demystify the hype, and offer tips for safe consumption of THC drink, ensuring you’re well-informed about this fresh twist on cannabis enjoyment.


Key Takeaways


  • THC drinks are skyrocketing in popularity, with a 40% sales boost and signaling a major expansion in cannabis consumption as consumers look for alcohol alternatives.
  • Navigating the complex legal landscape is crucial for THC drinks, which must comply with THC concentration limits outlined by the U.S. Farm Bill.
  • Innovation in THC drink production combines art and science, emphasizing consistent dosing, sophisticated extraction techniques, and creative flavor development for a variety of preferences.


Levity cannabis spirit mini bottle being added to coca-cola.


The Rise of THC Drinks

     When you crack open a can of your preferred beverage, you may find yourself ahead of the curve in cannabis consumption. We are referring to THC beverages – an industry that has experienced a remarkable 40% sales increase between 2021 and 2022 in both the United States and Canada alone. And this is only just the beginning of the revolution of consuming THC through drinks.


     Despite their rapid growth, currently these beverages account for merely 1% to 3% of America’s cannabis market. This indicates immense potential for expansion when it comes to incorporating THC into our daily routine. The main driving force behind this surge? Consumers themselves! Almost half report using cannabis as an alternative to reduce alcohol intake. So next time you’re considering how best to consume cannabis, why not opt for a refreshing THC drink instead?


     Yet with any change, there come hurdles too. Changing ingrained consumer behavior isn’t easy. People tend towards familiar habits and are hesitant about adopting new methods or forms of consumption such as those offered by THC drinks.  Instead of traditional edibles or other consumption mehtods,THC drinks are finding broad appeal.  This is mainly due to the novelty of the drinks and the ease of consumption in a social setting. In addition, the demand for cannabis beverages is driven by consumers seeking alcoholic substitutes. The change in cannabis laws and alcohol consumption have made THC beverages an increasingly viable options within the marketplace.

The Legal Landscape


     When considering purchasing THC drinks from your nearby store, it is important to first understand the legal aspect. In order for these beverages to be federally permissible in the United States, they must be created using hemp with a maximum concentration of 0.3% THC by dry weight. 


     To ensure peace of mind and compliance with all relevant laws within the US, look for THC infused beverages that meet federal regulations.Those residing outside of the US should also research their local laws before buying any cannabis or THC products as different regions have varying rules and restrictions when it comes to these substances.


Pre-mixed cannabis cocktails from Levity Cannabis Spirits.


Market Trends and Consumer Demand


   The increase in the popularity of THC drinks has led to a surge in their market. Statistics show that this global market was valued at $1 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $3.9 billion by 2030, indicating a significant rise over time. Not only the THC beverages industry, but also the no/low-alcohol sector witnessed growth as it reached over $11 billion in value.


    A major driving force behind these trends are consumer preferences which continue to evolve rapidly. Many people now seek low-calorie and sugar-free options when choosing their drinks, leading them towards cannabis infused beverages instead of traditional alcoholic ones. Additionally, the younger generation shows an increasing interest in drinking less alcohol or abstaining altogether, making THC drinks more appealing alternatives for socializing. Another contributing factor could be the decreasing trend of alcohol consumption among adults under age 35, potentially paving the way for increased demand for THC beverage choices.


      With various types of cannabis drinks available on the shelves catering to different tastes, consumers have, quite literally, many things “to drink” about! From sodas and drink enhancers, to ready-to-drink canned versions, the range offered ensures everyone can find something suitable.The growing selection mirrors ongoing shifts observed globally where individuals strive to balance enjoyable experiences while reducing traditional forms of consumption like smoking, vaping, or consuming traditional edibles.


      Whether one enjoys being sociable with friends through gatherings, or prefers relaxing alone after work, cannabis-infused products provide another exciting alternative experience-check out our suggestions: best THC refreshment varieties,ranging from popular items such as cannabis pre-mixed cannabis cocktails,cannabis spirits, and THC mocktails!


Crafting the Perfect Cannabis-Infused Beverage


      Creating the perfect THC beverage is a blend of art and science, going beyond simply adding in THC. Manufacturers place emphasis on consistent dosing, extraction methods, and taste development to produce appealing and potent THC drinks. With brands such as Levity Cannabis Spirits leading the industry with their line of non-alcoholic cannabis spirits and pre-mixed cocktails infused with cannabis, there are endless possibilities for innovation within the market.


      The outcome? A refreshing lineup of THC-infused beverages that not only deliver the desired effects but also maintains reliability every time it’s consumed.


Formulation and Flavor Development


     To set themselves apart, Levity Cannabis Spirits as worked to create and develop unique flavors and products! Levity Cannabis Spirits is constantly pushing the boundaries in flavor innovation for THC beverages, offering a wide range from flavor blends including pre-mixed cannabis cocktails and versatile cannabis spirits made with pure cane sugar as one of the key ingredients.


      The taste of these THC-infused drinks plays a crucial role in their success. This has led companies to put more emphasis on making sure their products are enjoyable. They draw upon traditional flavor creation methods and use them to enhance the appeal of their beverages – even incorporating them into creative mixed drinks.


     But it’s not just about flavor. Levity Cannabis Spirits has focused on drinkability and versatility of use.  Using Levity’s line of non-alcoholic functional spirits, consumers can create their very own take on a THC mocktail.  With their first-to-market cannabis spirit, Levity has unlocked the limitless potential of cannabis mixology allowing at-home bartenders to create the drinks of their dreams.


Positive Effects


     THC drinks are not only appealing because of their taste and variety, but also because they offer unique experiences. These infused beverages typically take effect within 5 to 10 minutes, providing a quick-acting and controlled dosage experience. This makes them a desirable option for those who want to reap the benefits of cannabis without having to wait, or opt for other consumption methods besides smoking, vaping, or ingesting traditional edibles like gummies or brownies.


      One popular aspect of THC drinks is the controlled dosing, which allows individuals to consume small amounts of THC in order to achieve the onset of effects without launching into space. With various potency levels available, these beverages cater to both novice and experienced users looking for either a light buzz or an something a little more intense. No matter what type of cannabis you’re seeking out, there’s sure to be an infusion in the Levity Cannabis Spirit lineup that suits your preferences.


Responsible Consumption: Tips for Enjoying THC Drinks


     Safety should always be a top priority when consuming THC drinks, just like with any other form of cannabis consumption. It’s not as complicated as you might think. The key is to start off with small doses and closely monitor the effects while also understanding your personal limits and goals for using these beverages.


     For those who are new to THC, starting with a small amount is recommended in order to safely determine individual tolerance levels. It’s important to keep in mind that THC drink effects typically kick in within 5-10 minutes and reach their peak shortly after. So before having another beverage, allow some time for your body to process the initial dose of THC.


     A great advantage of many THC beverages is that they come pre-measured, which makes tracking intake easier and allows individuals to make responsible decisions about their usage based on how they respond personally. As you explore various options available on the market today remember this crucial piece of advice: enjoy responsibly by paying attention only to what works best for your body every step along the way!


Pairing THC Drinks with Food and Social Occasions


     After discussing the basics, it’s time to explore the fun part, pairing THC drinks with food and social gatherings. Just like how a good wine can enhance a meal, the right THC beverage can elevate your dining experience and add more enjoyment to events.


     THC beverages are often preferred in social settings as they offer an inclusive alternative to smoking or vaping. Many people choose these drinks for their unique effects, making them perfect for different occasions. With no need for designated areas and concerns about second-hand smoke, introducing THC drinks at parties requires understanding of your audience and selecting cannabis-friendly venues. Carefully choosing food pairings is key in ensuring that these beverages become one of the highlights of any event.


     Similar to traditional wine-food pairing traditions, different types of THC beverages can be paired with various dishes based on flavors profiled by each drink option available. A light citrusy flavored drink pairs well with a fresh salad, while earthy ones go great alongside cheese boards.So why not impress guests at dinner parties next time by showcasing creative and enjoyable options through delicious THC beverage combinations? Levity Cannabis Spirits lineup of non-alcoholic functional spirits make the perfect addition to any dinner party.  Used in place of a traditional spirit in a recipe, consumers can turn any cocktail staple into a THC mocktail.


Mellow Mash non-alcoholic functional spirit from Levity Cannabis Spirit next to a THC mocktail.


The Future of THC Drinks: Innovations and Challenges


     Looking forward, the prospects for THC drinks are promising. With new extraction techniques and marketing strategies on the horizon, the production and consumption of THC beverages are set to be revolutionized. For instance, innovations like Ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) and Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) are promising to make the production of THC drinks more efficient and environmentally friendly.


     However, the road ahead is not without challenges. Altering consumer behavior and navigating the complex legal landscapes of cannabis are among the key challenges facing the industry. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for alternatives to alcohol and the growing curiosity for new consumption methods, the potential for THC beverages is vast.


     Ultimately, the success of THC drinks will depend on how well they can cater to consumer preferences, navigate legal hurdles, and continue to innovate. But one thing is certain – THC drinks are here to stay, and they’re making waves in the cannabis market.




     The world of THC drinks has expanded greatly, with our examination covering their origins, production process, safety tips for consumption, recommended food pairings and future prospects. The fast-paced growth of the THC drink industry demonstrates its rising popularity and potential to transform cannabis consumption.


     With ongoing developments in THC beverages comes an exciting opportunity for users to discover new ways of enjoying cannabis while reaping its benefits through a refreshing, convenient and social medium. So why not indulge in the experience by opting for a THC drink when looking to consume cannabis differently?


Frequently Asked Questions


What drink has THC in it?


     Some of the most well-known infused drinks that contain THC include Levity Cannabis Spirits lineup of non-alcoholic functional spirits like Agave High Water, London High, and Mellow Mash.  In addition to the spirits, Levity has released a line of canned pre-mixed cannabis cocktails to include a Cannarita, KenTOKEy Mule, and Chronic Collins.  These are just a few examples of popular options for those seeking to enjoy THC-infused beverages.


What is the difference between CBD and THC infused drinks?


     The key contrast between drinks infused with CBD and those infused with THC lies in the effects they produce. While consuming THC-infused beverages can result in a sense of being high, opting for CBD drinks is intended to introduce the cannabinoid cannabidiol without inducing intoxication.


What states sell Levity drinks?


     Levity beverages can be purchased in various states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. These drinks are also sold in select locations throughout New York and Georgia.


     Additionally, Levity products are currently available for purchase online at


What are infused drinks?


     Infused drinks are beverages that incorporate cannabis by infusing oil, tincture, or extracts from the cannabis plant. They can take various forms such as sodas, teas, mocktails and hard alcohols. Essentially speaking, these are just regular drinks with added doses of cannabis in them.


Are THC drinks legal?


      In the United States, it is legal to consume THC drinks made from hemp as long as they contain no more than 0.3% of THC by dry weight according to federal law. It is important to check the regulations in your area before buying these types of beverages due to varying local laws concerning their use and possession.

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