Levity Cannabis Spirit is revolutionizing the beverage sector as the world's first hemp-derived Delta 9 THC-infused, non-alcoholic spirit. Crafted in Charleston, SC, this innovative drink delivers the exhilarating experience of intoxication without the undesirable hangover the following day. Experience the thrill without the alcohol – Levity Cannabis Spirit is your gateway to a buzz without the booze!

What is a functional spirit?

Levity Cannabis Spirit redefines the concept of a functional spirit, offering more than just nutritional value. This unique, non-alcoholic spirit features full-spectrum hemp extract with Delta-9 THC, providing a light intoxication without alcohol. It's the excitement of a buzz, minus the booze.

Unlike traditional liquors, Levity offers a perfect 1:1 alternative, maintaining the versatility of conventional spirits for a diverse range of cocktail creations. What sets it apart is its cutting-edge, patented technology that enhances cannabinoid absorption and bioavailability, ensuring rapid effects – often within 5-10 minutes.

Each serving of Levity contains 2 mg of Delta 9 THC, ensuring a quick and effective experience, making it a genuine alcohol substitute. Plus, it's federally legal, crafted with hemp extract that includes Delta 9 THC under the 0.3% threshold. Enjoy the buzz responsibly with Levity – a groundbreaking way to sip, savor, and share.