The First Non-Alcoholic Spirit In Its Class

Levity Cannabis Spirit is disrupting the beverage industry by pioneering the first in class hemp-derived Delta 9 THC infused non-alcoholic spirit. Based in Charleston, SC, Levity Cannabis Spirit is the World’s first hemp-derived Delta 9 THC non-alcoholic spirit, offering intoxicating effects without the next day hangover. Get the buzz without the booze!

It kicks in quick, wears off in roughly the same time as alcohol, and yes, it will get you high. It contains 2mg of THC in every fluid ounce, and can be used as a substitute for traditional spirits in recipes, or drink it on the rocks!

Featured in Forbes

Levity Cannabis Spirits was recently featured in Forbes Magazine highlighting the hemp-derived THC drink market...check it out!


"The Agave High Water is my jam.  It tastes like tequila, but is smooth, refreshing, and won’t leave me clutching my head the next morning."

Amy - N. Charleston, SC

"The versatility of the cannabis spirit is unrivaled!  It’s opened up the possibilities in my mixologist playbook!"

Matt - Charlotte, NC

"Levity Cannabis Spirit has been a game changer!  I can still rip drinks with the crew without drinking alcohol. No hangover either!"

AJ - Charleston, SC


Did you know?

  • Hits you and wears off in the same time frame as alcohol
  • 2mg THC per 1oz in spirits - paired alongside alcohol - doesn't hit your liver
  • No hangover
  • 750mL and 60ml have very low sugar and calories